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Authors Intro


Hiya, my name is Hannah (she/her) & I am a writer from Scotland.

I have grown up with a love of literature and fiction. Of the love stories I read and teenage romance I expected to receive. This collection of poetry is influenced with my own interactions with love, friendship and the reality of life along with others around me. The way that escapism through fiction shaped teenage minds into having expectations of life. This collection is relatable and honest. It is not a fictitious story but a journey that every single person out there is able to relate to, whether that may be the harsh reality of self-esteem, unrequited romance or the loss of a friend.

My debut poetry collection love, the moon & the stars between is available for purchase on August 1st 2021.

Love always

Hannah Comrie x

Thank You

To my friends and my family. Without you all, I would never have had the confidence to set this up.
This page is for you.
I love you all x

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