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The Full Story

Hannah Comrie

I began writing properly after I left high school. I found myself with all these feelings about different situations in my life and I didn't understand them. The only way that I was able to understand what I was feeling was through writing. It has been a dream of mine, to share my work with others ever since. 



I grew up a lover of literature, a trait I received from my mum and a passion for English that was ignited by my high school English teacher who pushed me to turn my passion into a career option. The ability to live a thousand lives and venture into worlds beyond the imagination of science and fact is something so unique to that of the written word. My favourite genre of literature ranges, but typically stems from contemporary fiction and romance. Many of my favourite authors have taught me things about myself that have certainly taken a toll on my personality and character.



I am still experiencing life, I am 21 years old and still in university, discovering who I am each day. Meeting new people and conquering new situations.


My work is relatable because it is real life, raw and unedited.

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