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Loving you ruined me, my heart had died.

Feeling lost, alone with no one to save me.

You were fine, you were well, you had survived

I know, I know I will again be free.

I tear myself apart, my reflection

eyes too small, nose too big, not good enough.

If I had blonde hair; win your attention

I can't do this for long I feel so rough.

Crying about my waistline and my weight

I starve and starve yet no one seems to stare

all for you to ask me out on a date

Who am I kidding, you don’t even care.

I did everything, all for you

to push me aside, all for a nicer view.

This is my take on a traditional Shakespearian sonnet (kinda) written in iambic pentameter. I wrote this in February last year (2020).

Hannah Comrie

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